How do I obtain the license file for the LUN copy feature?


You must purchase a license file individually for the LUN copy feature. If you do not have such a license file, contact Huawei technical support engineers for how to purchase one. If you have, perform the following operations to obtain the license file.
1. Collect the equipment serial number (ESN), license authorization code (LAC), and contract number. You can obtain the contract number from the contract, the LAC from the license certificate delivered with the device, and the ESN in any of the following ways:
? Query the ESN from the nameplate on the device or the device packaging.
? Log in to the ISM. In the General area, view the ESN.
? Log in to the command-line interface (CLI). Run the show system general command to view the SN.
2. Send the collected information to email address In the email, you can specify another mailbox for receiving the license file. If another mailbox is not specified, the license file is by default sent to the mailbox that you have used to send the collected information.
3. Download the license file from the specified mailbox.
4. Log in to the ISM and import the license file as instructed in the online help.

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Methods used to copy files to a VM
You can copy files to a VM in the following ways: 1. Configure a USB port redirection policy and copy the files using USB devices, such as a USB flash drive. 2. Enable the VM's remote desktop function and copy the files. 3. Copy the files in folder sharing mode.

Method used to apply for a FusionInsight HD license?
After the software is installed, apply for and load a license promptly. For details, see the license guide of the corresponding version at

How to obtain a license file on the AR
After the license is successfully activated upon authorization, you can load the license file directly or download the license file on the NE management page.

Whether both the source and target storage systems need licenses for LUN copy
LUN copy is a data copy technology that quickly transfers data within a device or between devices. LUN copy can be implemented within OceanStor storage systems or between an OceanStor storage system and a Huawei-certified third-party storage system. You only need to purchase a license for the OceanStor storage system at the source end.

Whether the Dorado series LUN copy feature requires licenses
LUN copy is an optional value-added feature that requires a license.

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