When Toolkit Is Used for System Initialization, What Is the Entry of Unified Storage Configuration?


When Toolkit is used for system initialization, unified storage deployment is the entry of unified storage configuration.

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Entry for initial configuration of unified storage using Toolkit
Unified Storage Deployment is the entry for initial configuration of unified storage using Toolkit.

Methods of entering system configurations when Toolkit is used for initial configuration of unified storage
When Toolkit is used for initial configuration of unified storage, two methods are available for entering system configurations: 1. Importing a configuration file Subsequent system configurations will be automatically input as required based on the configuration file, simplifying the configuration process and reducing the time needed for configuration. This method is commonly used for the second deployment where the configuration file of the first deployment must be used. 2. Manually entering system configurations All system configurations must be manually entered. This method applies to initial deployment.

Method used to retrieve or initialize the password of OceanStor V3 storage systems
The admin user of OceanStor V300R001 storage systems can run the line change user user_name=? action=reset_password command on the CLI to initialize the administrator and read-only users' passwords. After initialization, the password is Admin@storage. If user admin (super administrator) forgets the password, contact Huawei technical support by dialing +86-400-822-9999. If you are a Huawei engineer, refer to related chapters in the maintenance cases and FAQs: How Do I Initialize the Password of an Admin User? .

Initial synchronization of OceanStor V3 storage systems
Initial synchronization of remote replication for OceanStor V3 storage systems can be performed online.

Method used to bond ports on OceanStor V3 unified storage systems
On OceanStor V300R001 storage systems, you can bond multiple iSCSI host ports. In doing so, the data transmission rate of these iSCSI host ports can be improved significantly (assuming other components do not reach their performance bottlenecks). For details, see Bonding Ethernet Ports .

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