How can I retrieve the password for logging in to a controller enclosure when I forgot it?


To retrieve the password of a guest or an administrator, perform the following operations:
1. Log in to the CLI of the controller enclosure as user admin.
2. Run the resetuserpwd command to initialize the password. After the initialization, the password becomes Admin@storage.
To retrieve the password of admin, please contact technical support engineers.

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Retrieval of the login password for a controller enclosure
To retrieve the password for logging in to an S2200T, S2600T, S5500T, S5600T, S5800T, or S6800T controller enclosure, perform the following procedure: If a read-only user or an administrator forgets the password, perform the following procedure: 1. Log in as user admin to the CLI on the controller enclosure. 2. Run resetuserpwd to initialize the password. After the initialization, the password is Admin@storage. If an admin user forgets the password, contact technical support engineers for help.

Retrieving or changing the password of the operating system
If the Windows password is forgotten, contact Microsoft. If the Linux password is forgotten, try logging in to Linux in single-user mode to change the password.

What can I do if I forgot the password for logging in to the OMU portal of the VCN3000 platform?
To obtain the OMU portal login password, perform the following steps: Step 1 Log in to the VCN server as the root user. Step 2 Run the following command to reset the Admin user password of the OMU portal to the initial password: su -c "psql -d omu -U omuadmin -c \"update tbl_omu_user_info set passwd='f0923a2988ada0d95570a304ef15671ce8df23683c83e1c5c98db502fc9fccf3', first_flg='1' where user_name='Admin';\"" - postgres If the following information is displayed, the password is reset successfully: UPDATE=1 Step 3 Use the initial password to log in to the OMU portal and change the password. If the fault is rectified, no further action is required. If the fault persists, contact Huawei technical support engineers.

Login method if the account and password are forgotten for the USG2000&5000 series
Upon the factory delivery, default administrator account admin and password Admin@123 are provided for the access to the USG2000&5000 series in three modes: Telnet, web UI, and console port.

Method used to retrieve the console account password for the USG6000 series
If you have a Telnet or web account with permissions higher than Level 3, you can change the password to the console port after logging in through Telnet or the web UI. Telnet login is used as an example: 1. Log in to the device using a Telnet account. 2. Change the password of the console user. For example, change the user name and password to admin and Password@123, respectively: system-view [sysname] user-interface console 0 [sysname-ui-console0] authentication-mode local user admin password cipher Password@123 [sysname-ui-console0] return

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