In what way do file engine nodes directly connect to controller enclosures?


When directly connecting file engine nodes to controller enclosures, you are advised to use a high-redundancy connection method to achieve optimal availability.
? Redundant ports (high redundancy)
Each file engine node uses two optical fibers to connect to each controller (that is, connect to two Fibre Channel ports of the controller).
? Redundant controllers (medium redundancy)
Each file engine node uses one optical fiber to connect to each controller (that is, connect to one Fibre Channel port of the controller).
? Redundant controller enclosures (low redundancy)
Each clustered NAS node uses one optical fiber to connect to one controller (that is, connect to any Fibre Channel port of the controller).

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Actions taken if a file engine node works incorrectly
If a file engine node is working incorrectly, perform the following procedure: 1. Ensure that heartbeat connections and heartbeat switches are working correctly. 2. Ensure that the faulty node is correctly started up.

How Can I Do If a Node of a File Engine Fails to Be Detected During File Engine Configuration?
If you fail to detect a node of a file engine, perform the following operations: Verify that the management port of the file engine is correctly connected. Verify that the file engine is correctly started.

What types of guide rails should I use for file engine nodes and what are the installation requirements?
Side support-type guide rails and adjustable guide rails are delivered with a 4 U file engine node. Such guide rails can be installed in the SC611-20 cabinet. If you need to install adjustable guide rails in another model of cabinet, the following must be met: ? The cabinet size is consistent with that of the 19-inch (482.6 mm) IEC 60297 series. ? The distance between front and rear channels ranges from 690 mm to 770 mm. ? Holes on the channels can be either of the following: ? Square holes (side length �?9 mm) ? Round holes (diameter �?Ф 7 mm) ? The minimum horizontal distance in the cabinet cannot be less than 475 mm.

Definition of control nodes?
A control node controls and monitors how data nodes store and receive data, and send process status, and provides other public functions.

What is the largest file system capacity supported by the file engine?
The file engine supports a maximum of 256 TB file system.

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