Does the AR router support detection based on destination addresses


The AR router supports detection based on the destination address. For example, the NQA test instance of ICMP is used to detect whether the destination address is reachable.

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Does an AR router support policy-based routing
All models of AR routers support policy-based routing.

Why is LDP loop detection not required on the AR
LDP is generated based on IP routes. A routing protocol such as IS-IS or OSPF can avoid routing loop generation, so LDP loop detection is not required any more.

Does an AR support rate limiting based on an individual IP address
In V200R002C00 and later versions, you can run the qos car command to configure rate limiting based on an individual IP address.

Does an AR router support detection of application layer data
An AR router can detect application layer data. After a license is authorized, the deep security defense function of the router is enabled.

Can an AR router limit a rate based on the prefix of a MAC address
An AR router does not support rate limit based on the prefix of a MAC address.

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