Whether the UUID of a LUN can be deleted


Can the UUID of a LUN be deleted?
No. A UUID is a unique identifier of a LUN. Deleting the UUID will cause a drive letter shift.

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Whether the WWNs of external LUNs change after V3 series unified storage systems use the SmartVirtualization feature to take over the external LUNs
The WWN rules vary according to vendors. Therefore, after the local storage system takes over external LUNs and creates eDevLUNs, the WWNs of the eDevLUNs are different from those of the external LUNs. For some vendors, the WWN of an external LUN may be displayed as UUID.

Whether the LUN can be read and written (whether the LUN can be used during initialization)
During LUN formatting, the LUN can be mapped to the host for reads and writes.

Whether predefined applications can be modified or deleted
Predefined applications cannot be modified or deleted. You can obtain the latest predefined applications by periodically updating the application signature database.

Whether the IP address can be changed during LUN formatting
During LUN formatting, you can change the IP address of the management or service interface.

Method used to safely delete a LUN mapping from an AIX application server
Perform the following operations to delete a LUN mapping from an AIX application server: On the storage device side, delete the LUN mapping with the AIX application server. On the AIX application server side, run rmdev -dl diskName to delete the virtual disk of the mapped LUN. For example, you can run rmdev -dl disk3 to delete the virtual disk disk3. Note: If the virtual disk is not deleted and a new LUN is mapped to the AIX application server, a fault occurs, indicating that the virtual disk path is missing. Rectify the fault as follows: Unmount the file systems of the original LUN and the newly mapped LUN. Close the volume group of the newly mapped LUN. Delete the virtual disks of the original LUN and the newly mapped LUN. Run cfgmgr to re-scan for disks.

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