Solution of abnormal input to the power module


You can take the following measures if input to the power module is abnormal:
If the power supply is abnormal, check whether the power modules and power cables are securely connected. If the inputs of multiple power modules are abnormal, check whether the patch board has normal input.

Other related questions:
Are there any requirements of CE switches' power modules on input voltage fluctuation
Power modules used on CE series switches are independent of each other. You only need to ensure that the input voltage of each power module fluctuates within the specified range and do not need to care about differences in the voltage phases or amplitudes of different power modules.

Solution when a RAID group is abnormal
Check the event information on ISM and determine the reason why the RAID group is degraded due to disk failures. Bit error isolation Note: Check whether there are events indicating excessive bit errors related to the disk. If yes, the disk may be isolated due to excessive bit errors. Troubleshooting: Analyze the SES log and determine why there are excessive bit errors. Disk fault Note: The disk fault cannot be rectified. As a result, accessing the disk fails and disk rejection occurs. Troubleshooting: Replace the faulty disk. Disk enclosures are offline. Note: If a RAID group consists of disks from different enclosures and disk enclosures are offline, the RAID group will be degraded or fail. Recommended action: Check whether the disk enclosures are offline.

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