Solution when western SATA disks fail after abort cmd is displayed


You can take the following measures when western SATA disks fail after abort cmd is displayed:
1. Issue Description
Enter showdisk -l on the CLI. The western SATA disk has a logical fault based on displayed information. Enter showdisk -p. The physical status of the SATA disk is also faulty.
a. Run the CLI command showdisk -p to view that the SN of the disk is WD-xxxx and firmware is 03.00C06.
b. Analyze the messages log of controller A, search keyword sensekey, and check whether the failure is caused by the abort command (sensekey=0xb asc=0x0 ascq=0x0)
The disk reports an error code Aborted Command (0xb) and fails to receive I/Os. Therefore, the disks of the RAID group cannot perform read and write operations and the logical status of member disk become faulty. If the error code is reported, all I/O requests for disks fail. In addition, such an error code cannot be resolved. In normal cases, western SATA disks do not report error code 0xb.
2. Alarm Information
3. Handling Process
a. Onsite workarounds: If the fault is caused by Abort Command, replace the disk or remove and insert the disk.
b. Solution: Upgrade the firmware of the disk. You must stop services for upgrading the firmware.
c. For details about upgrading the firmware, see the following guide:
You must ensure that no I/Os are being processed inside and outside the array during the upgrade. Otherwise, the upgrade may fail.
4. Root Cause
The Aborted Command error code is returned by the western SATA disk and the western digital has been confirmed. This problem is caused by the firmware of the western SATA disk. You are advised to upgrade the disk's firmware.
5. Suggestions
After the disk is recovered, run the showdisk -p and showdisk -l commands to check that the physical and logical status of the disk is normal.

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