Method used to synchronize time for storage


Method used to synchronize time for storage:
1. Locating procedure:
The time for alarms in the storage system is different from that of I2000 or local time.
2. Solution:
Time synchronization
Log in to the storage's OSM management page, and choose System > System Information > Synchronize System Time.
Note: If clock jumping patches have been installed, synchronization on the page cannot be performed. In this chase, you need to modify the time manually following instructions provided in the patch guide.

Other related questions:
Method used to apply the automatic synchronization between NE time and NMS time
After the automatic synchronization between NE time and NMS time is enabled, the NE time and NMS time will be synchronized automatically based on the specified period. On the U2000, perform the following procedure: 1. In the NE Explorer, choose Configuration > NE Batch Configuration > NE Time Synchronization from the navigation tree. In the Operation Result dialog box, click Close. 2. Select NMS as the synchronization mode and click Apply. 3. Set the Start Time and Period (days), and then click Apply. In the Auto-Synchronization Settings dialog box that is displayed, click Yes. Note: The Start Time must be set to a time later than the current time. 5. In the Operation Result dialog box, click Close.

Method used to synchronize the time between an NE and the standard NTP server.
The standard NTP service can automatically synchronize the NE time with the standard NTP server time.

Is the AD synchronization a real-time synchronization?
No. The AD server synchronizes data at an interval.

Time and time zone policy of the server BMC
The default time zone of iMana/iBMC is the GMT time zone. The time zone and time synchronization policy is as follows: iMana and iBMC of rack servers synchronize time with the BIOS every minute but does not synchronize the time zone. Therefore, if the iMana/iBMC time is different from the OS time, the difference is caused by different time zone settings. iMana/iBMC of blade servers (E9000 and E6000) synchronize time with the management module every hour. The management module supports NTP settings for time synchronization.

Method used to check storage cache
You can run the showcontroller command on the CLI to check the cache of T series V100R005 storage systems. For V3 series storage systems, run the show controller general command to check the cache. In the command output, you can obtain related information from the electronic label. Note: The sum of the two controller memory sizes is the storage cache size.

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