Precautions when the user removes and inserts cascading cables on storage devices


For precautions when the user removes and inserts cascading cables on storage devices, visit the following website:
FAQ-What Are the Precautions for Removing or Inserting an Expansion Cable on a Storage Device

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Precautions for cascading disk enclosures
Note the following when cascading disk enclosures: 1. Ensure that the model of the disk enclosure to be added is the same as that of the existing disk enclosure. 2. After disks are inserted and the disk enclosure is turned on, the disk enclosure is automatically powered on and started up. 3. After the disk enclosure is powered on, use cascading cables to connect the disk enclosure to the controller enclosure. The storage system can then automatically identify the new disk enclosure. You do not need to suspend services when cascading disk enclosures. However, if disk enclosures are cascaded when services are running, a SAS/Fibre Channel loop or flapping may occur, adversely affecting the services. For this reason, to protect customer services and data security, suspend services and add disk enclosures during off-peak hours.

Whether expansion interface cards of the firewall are hot swappable
The USG interface card is not hot-swappable. Before removing and inserting an interface card, power off the device first. Otherwise, the hardware may be damaged. You can start the device only after you complete the removal and insertion operations and fasten the screws at the two sides of the board.

Reason why no events are displayed on the OSM page when disks are removed and inserted
Reason why no events are displayed on the OSM page when disks are removed and inserted: 1. Locating procedure: a. After the disk is removed and inserted, no events are displayed on the storage's OSM page. b. Copyback is not performed after the faulty disk is replaced. 2. Solution: a. This problem is caused by a software bug. After the disk is removed and inserted, SES does not report the event indicating the disk status. This problem has been solved in V100R001C02SPC031 (the corresponding controller version is b. Solution Remove and insert the disk again. The interval between disk insertion and removal must be longer than 15s. Check whether the disk runs properly. If possible, upgrade the storage software to or later versions. c. Log in to the CLI and run showsys and showallver to check the device type and current SES version. Determine whether the current device has potential risks.

Removal and re-insertion of a fan on OSN 6800
Remove two screws and then remove the fan. The offline duration of a fan cannot exceed 3 minutes.

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