Command and method used to test I2000 alarms


Command and method used to test I2000 alarms:
Run the following MML commands:
a. Simulate alarm reporting.
Log in to the MML mode of storage and enter spu ui>sys almsendone 48 6011 1 0,0.
Use command lines to check whether alarms are reported successfully. Then, whether alarms are reported is displayed on the OSM. On the I2000 page, an alarm indicating that the power supply status is abnormal is displayed.
b. Simulate alarm recovery.
Log in to the MML mode of storage and enter spu ui>sys almsendone 48 6011 2 0,0 to check whether the alarm is recovered.
If Print the fault list: is null, the alarm is recovered.

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Methods used to set the suppression for OTN NE alarms and query the alarms using command lines
The query command is as follows: alm-cfg-get-monstate: alarm name, 0xff,0,0,'''' For example, by running the alm-cfg-get-monstate:R_LOS,0xff,0,0,''' command, you can query the states of all ports that can report the R_LOS alarm on an NE. The query result is enable or disable. The setting command is as follows: :alm-cfg-set-monstate: alarm name, disable/enable,0xff,0,0,'''' For example, by running the alm-cfg-set-monstate: R_LOS,disable,0xff,0,0,'''' command, you can suppress all the NE ports that report the R_LOS alarm.

Why is the format of cable length tested using the MIB tool different from that of cable length tested using commands in the VCT test
You can run the virtual-cable-test command to test the cable length. system-view [HUAWEI] interface gigabitethernet 0/0/1 [HUAWEI-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] virtual-cable-test Warning: The command will stop service for a while, Continue?[Y/N]y Info: This operation may take a few seconds. Please wait for a moment......done. Pair A length: 189meter(s) Pair B length: 189meter(s) Pair C length: 189meter(s) Pair D length: 189meter(s) Pair A state: Ok Pair B state: Ok Pair C state: Ok Pair D state: Ok The lengths displayed in the command output are lengths of several wire pairs and the distance between the local interface and the fault point. The test result is for reference only and does not guarantee the accuracy for network cables produced by all manufacturers. The length tested using the MIB tool is only a value. The value is the average length of multiple wire pairs. NOTE: If the cable length is displayed as Unknown, the cable status is OK, but the cable length test result cannot be used.

Methods used to perform dual-screen tests
Visit the FusionCloud forum at and search for 'dual-screen' cases in the forum.

Which command is used to clear MCU alarms?
Run the diag clear-alarm command to clear MCU alarms. Notes: This command can clear some alarms because some alarms cannot be manually cleared.

Does the U1900 series unified gateway support loopback test
Method of performing the loopback test for the E1 line on the U1900: - Physically connect a pair of tx and rx ports of the E1 line, and obseve the RFA indicator and LOS indicator on the U1900. If they are both off, the local loopback test is successfully.

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