Guide rails matching S2200T/S2600T/S5500T/S5600T/S5800T/S6800T controller enclosures and requirements of installing guide rails


Guide rails matching S2200T/S2600T/S5500T/S5600T/S5800T/S6800T engines, controller enclosures, and disk enclosures and requirements of installing guide rails:
The installation accessories of a 4 U file engine contain guide rails with side support. The depth of guide rails can be adjusted and guide rails can be installed on SC611-20 cabinets.

If you need to install adjustable guide rails on other cabinets, the following requirements on the cabinet must be met:
1. The cabinet complies with the requirements of the IEC 60297 standard, in which the dimension of mechanical structures is 482.6 mm. The angle opening width of cabinets is 450 mm.
2. The distance between mounting bars at the front and rear of the cabinet ranges from 690 mm to 770 mm.
3. Holes on the installation angle gauge (mounting bar) are either of the following:
1) Square holes (size �?9 mm × 9 mm)
2) Round holes (diameter �?7 mm)
4. Minimum transverse space inside the cabinet: �?475 mm.

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