Guide for applying for non-commercial licenses


Steps of applying for non-commercial licenses:
1. Visit, and click License Workflow in the left login navigation tree. Note: A Huawei domain account is required for login.
2. On the displayed page, choose OEM License Application, and choose New Application > Non-Commercial License on the left navigation bar.
3. Choose Huawei Symantec for Cooperation Partner and Ancun Storage & Network Security for Product Line, and choose proper values for Product Name and Product Version, and choose Region and Representative offices.
4. Specify the reason for applying for licenses in Application Reason, and click Get License Application Template to obtain the application template.
5. After the template is filled in, click Upload to upload the license application template and click Submit.
6. After the license application is approved, you can download the generated license file on the page.

Other related questions:
How to split the AC license
A license file can be split into multiple ones as required. The following operations apply only to commercial licenses: 1. Obtain the revocation code and ESN of the license to be split, as well as the ESN of all involved ACs. 2. Clarify the license resource adjustment targets. 3. Send the preceding information to to apply for a license file split.

Application scenario of non-intrusive monitoring
When the non-intrusive monitoring function is enabled at an optical port of a board, the board detects the signal quality of the optical port and will report an alarm if the signal quality is poor. The protection module performs operations such as protection switching based on the detection results. If the non-intrusive monitoring function is disabled, the optical port transparently transmits the received signal.

How can I use the original commercial license when the temporary license expires?
Use the original commercial license when the temporary license expires as follows: Query the original license on the license website based on the device ESN or send an email to and provide the ESN.

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