Function of an initiator


An initiator can be considered as a port on a physical application server.
Hosts in a host group correspond to physical application servers through initiators (WWNs).
If multiple physical application servers need to use the same LUN (high availability scenarios), configure the hosts corresponding to these servers in the same host group. If multiple physical application servers need to use different LUNs, configure the hosts corresponding to these servers in different host groups.

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BIOS initial password
The default password for logging in to BIOS is Huawei12#$ or uniBIOS123. Your account will be locked after three consecutive login failures with incorrect passwords, and you need to restart the server to unlock the account.

Client-initiated VPN
In client-initiated VPN, the LNS authenticates users through PPP authentication (PAP or CHAP). In CLI configurations, this is the PPP authentication configured on the VT interface.

MM910 configuration
For details about the initial configuration and common operations of the MM910, see Configuring the MM910 in the installation guide.

What are the default passwords of the SMC2.0 server and client software?
SMC2.0 passwords include the server management system (iMana) password, server operating system password, and client software password. - On the operating system of the SMC2.0 V100R001 server, the default user name is Administrator and the password is huawei. - In versions later than SMC2.0 V100R002C01B025SP08, for example, SMC2.0 V100R002C03 or later versions, security hardening is performed on the server and the user name and default password of the server operating system are changed to swmaster and Change_Me respectively. - If the SMC2.0 is upgraded from an early version to a late version, the server user name is changed to swmaster and the password is retained. For details, log in to Huawei Enterprise Technical Support Website, search for SMC2.0, and download the product documentation.

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