Market positioning of the OceanStor T series


Market positioning of OceanStor T Series V100R005:
- Entry-level: S2200T, S2600T
- Mid-range and high-end: S5500T, S5600T, SF5800T
- Quasi-high-end: S6800T
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Whether coffer disks of OceanStor T Series unified storage can be replaced
Coffer disks of OceanStor T Series unified storage can be replaced with other types of disks or their position can be changed. The replacement of coffer disks has no impact on the operating system of storage systems. Export database data before replacing coffer disks; otherwise, the original configuration data, events, and logs will be lost. Ensure that coffer disks are of the same type. If coffer disks are in the same RAID group, disks in the RAID group must be of the same type.

Capabilities and market strategy of Huawei's SBC solution
Capabilities and market strategy of Huawei's SBC solution: In server-based computing (SBC), most application work is processed on servers and the results are transmitted to clients for display using a compression algorithm. Users can use one or several applications. SBC application scenarios and Huawei's suggestions: The SBC solution can be used in scenarios where simple tasks are processed and users do not have high performance requirements. It offers lower software and peripheral compatibility and less customized configurations than the VDI solution, but it reduces the number of servers required. Huawei recommends its SBC solution for mobile office scenarios. It is not recommended that the solution be used in OA, business hall, call center, or NMS maintenance scenarios. If customers want to deploy the SBC solution in these scenarios, POC compatibility and experience tests must be performed to ensure normal service and user experience. SBC solutions in the industry are based on Microsoft's Windows Terminal Service and use native Microsoft protocols such as Microsoft RDP8.0. These protocols have good application compatibility but cannot be customized or troubleshooted quickly because Microsoft's RDP is not completely open.

OceanStor ReplicationDirector positioning
The OceanStor ReplicationDirector (mainstream version: V100R003C10) is designed to manage the disaster recovery services of enterprise data centers. With the high application-aware capabilities and integrated value-added features of Huawei storage products, the OceanStor ReplicationDirector ensures service consistency during disaster recovery. The OceanStor ReplicationDirector helps users efficiently configure and monitor disaster recovery services and also conveniently perform data recovery and tests.

Method used to obtain the Equipment Serial Number (ESN) of OceanStor T Series
You can obtain the ESNs of OceanStor T Series as follows: Method 1: Check the device label. Method 2: Log in to the ISM and obtain the ESNs from the basic device information.

Sales of OceanStor T Series products
The intelligent Q&A system does not answer questions about product sales and channels. Contact the related personnel in the local office.

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