Functions of DiskGuard


Developed based on Windows, DiskGuard provides comprehensive data protection policies for disks and disk partitions, and delivers the system recovery tool DiskGuard RecoverCD. DiskGuard collaborates with storage systems to provide offline data protection and system recovery in Windows.
DiskGuard has two working modes:
- Synchronous mode (continuous protection mode), in which data changes on the source disk are backed up to the mirror disk in real time. Synchronous protection ensures constant data consistency between the source disk and the mirror disk.
- Asynchronous protection (periodical protection mode), in which data increments on the source disk are periodically synchronized to the mirror disk according to a backup time policy. Therefore, you can set the synchronization time to off-peak hours to minimize the impact of data protection on system performance. The interval between protection tasks can be days, hours, or even minutes.

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