Disabling the path alarm function


If UltraPath is installed on a host on a single-path network, the host will receive a path alarm. To disable the path alarm function, run chghpalmsw -sw off.

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How to disable the tracert function on S series switches
S series switches (except the S1700) send ICMP Time Exceeded messages to obtain IP addresses of each hops using tracert. You can disable an interface from sending ICMP Time Exceeded messages to disable the tracert function. The configuration method is as follows: Disable VLANIF 100 from sending ICMP Time Exceeded messages. [HUAWEI] interface vlanif 100 [HUAWEI-Vlanif100] undo icmp ttl-exceeded send

How to disable the Telnet server function for a WLAN device
By default, the Telnet server function is enabled for WLAN devices of V200R003 and earlier versions and disabled for WLAN devices of V200R005 and later versions. Run the undo telnet server enable command to disable the Telnet server function. For a Fit AP, if it has gone online on an AC, run the telnet disable command in the AP profile view of the AC to disable the Telnet service for this Fit AP.

How to disable the web function on an AR router
How to disable the web function on an AR router? For routers that support web NMS, disable the HTTP server on the routers to disable the web function. Specific method is as follows: [Huawei] undo http server enable //Disable the HTTP service. [Huawei] undo http secure-server enable //Disable the HTTPS service.

Method used to disable the DPD function on the USG2000
In the system view, run the undo ike dpd command to disable the DPD function.

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