Failure to log in to ISM


Uninstall ISM from the management terminal and install it again.

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Solution when an ISM login failure occurs
Solution when an ISM login failure occurs: 1. Ensure that the user name and password are correct. Check whether a login to the storage array using SSH is successful. 2. Check whether there is firewall that shields the ISM port. Check whether a login to the storage array through direct connection is successful. 3. Check whether there are problems related to flash card I/O errors of S2600 storage arrays. If yes, contact Huawei technical support engineers. 4. Check whether there are multiple logins to the S2600 R1 storage array. If yes, log out and log in again. 5. Uninstall ISM currently being used, download ISM on the storage array, and log in to ISM again. 6. If you encounter any other faults, contact Huawei technical support engineers.

The TE40 web interface is inaccessible.
If the login to the TE40 web interface fails, check whether the browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer, FireFox, or Chrome. Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 is recommended. For details, see section 2.1 Understanding the Web Interface in the TE30&TE40&TE50&TE60&TX50 Videoconferencing Endpoint Administrator Guide.

Method used to log in to clients (ISM or OSM) of different storage systems
You can log in to the management software as follows: Go to the FAQ-What are the different login methods (ISM or OSM) to different models of storage system.

Failure to Execute Alarm Dump, and Log Dump
Ensure that the execution time of each task is different from the others'.

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