OceanStor interoperability navigator


OceanStor interoperability navigator:

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The navigation area on the left of the RM web interface is not displayed. What can I do?
The navigation area on the left of the RM web interface is hidden. You can select the navigation area option from the view in the upper part to bring up the navigation area.

Can S series switches interconnect with non-Huawei devices to set up a VRRP group
S600-E series switches do not support VRRP. VRRP supported by S series switches (S1700 excluded) comply with the standard protocol, so these switches can interconnect with other devices that comply with the VRRP standard protocol.

What are the differences between a 10GBASE-LRM optical module and other optical modules
Compared with other optical modules, 10GBASE-LRM optical modules have lower cost, lower power, smaller size and provide universal multimode ports. The maximum transmission distance of a 10GBASE-LRM optical module is up to 220 m. A 10GBASE-LRM optical module cannot interoperate with other types of optical modules.

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