RAID parameter configuration


For details about creating a RAID group, refer to Creating a RAID Group for parameter configuration.

Other related questions:
Location saving the RAID configuration
The RAID configuration information is stored on a hard disk. Replacing the RAID card will not cause loss of RAID configuration or data.

Configuring RAID card
Manuals: For details about how to configure the RAID card and precautions, see|9856522|21782478|19955021|19961397. Videos: LSI SAS2208 RAID Controller Card Configuration LSI SAS2308 RAID Controller Card Configuration LSI SAS3008 RAID Controller Card Configuration LSI SAS3108 RAID Controller Card Configuration

Necessity of configuring RAID arrays for a RAID controller card
If the LSISAS1078, LSISAS2208, or LSISAS3108 RAID controller card is used, the disks can be recognized by the system only when they are in RAID arrays. If the LSISAS1068, LSISAS2308, or LSISAS3008 RAID controller card is used, the disks can be used as individual disks for OS installation, if they are not in RAID arrays.

Configuring RAID for SATADOM
SATADOM connects to the PCH chip of the CPU. Configure RAID for the SATADOM using SoftRAID. For details, see|9856522|21782478|19955021|21746286. In addition, SoftRAID driver must be installed. Otherwise, hard disks are not displayed as the configured RAID array. Select the SoftRAID driver version matching the server you use from the server model Link.

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