For details about RAID 5 features, refer to Planning RAID Levels.

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For details about RAID features of Huawei servers, see RAID Card User Guide:

Whether RAID 5 is supported by the LSISAS2308 RAID controller card
The LSISAS2308 RAID controller card does not support RAID 5.

Whether RAID 5 is supported by the LSISAS2208 RAID controller card
The LSISAS2208 RAID controller card supports RAID 5.

Method of calculating the available capacity before configuring RAID
1. You can view the available capacity during RAID array configuration. 2. You can also estimate the ? RAID 0: 100% ? RAID 1: 50% ? RAID 5: (N-1)/N ? RAID 6: (N-2)/N ? RAID 10: 50% ? RAID 1E: (N+1)/2N ? RAID 50: (N-M)/N ? RAID 60: (N-M*2)/N N indicates the number of member hard disks in a RAID array. M indicates the number of sub-groups of a RAID array. For example, if three 300 GB disks are used to create a RAID 5 array, Disk usage rate: (3-1)/3 = 2/3 Available capacity of the RAID 5 array: 3 x 300 x 2/3 = 600 GB

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