For details about RAID 0 features, refer to Planning RAID Levels.

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For details about RAID features of Huawei servers, see RAID Card User Guide:

How to configure the IAD port 0
IAD through the O port into the scene configuration method, please refer to The link in the corresponding product document "configuration > manual configuration (Web) > FXO access to the local PSTN Network > scenario 1 IP PBX network" chapter. On the PBX side, you only need to configure the SIP relay pointing to IAD 。

After G0/0/0 goes Down, the static route still exists, causing abnormal communication
Root cause: Through confirmation, the device configuration is correct and the system software runs stably. Check the routing table. The outbound interface in the static route is still G0/0/1 based on the direct route and dynamic route. As a result, the static route still exists. Data forwarding is affected. Solution: G0/0/1 is added to the static route forcibly. When G0/0/0 goes Down, the direct route does not exist. Then the static route does not exist. For details, see After G/0/00 on an AR Router Goes Down, Its Static Route Still Exists, Causing Abnormal Communication.

How to process Vlan 0 packet ?
The S and E Switch will process VLAN0 packets as follows�?if VLAN ID is 0,mean that there is no virtual network identifier in the frame, only carry priority. if the VLAN 0 packet can match traffic policy or ACL, this packet will be processed as Tagged packet, if can not match, the VLAN 0 packet will be processed as untagged packet, it will be added a default tag.

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