Impact of LUN formatting on performance


If you perform read and write operations on the LUN that is being formatted, the read and write performance deteriorates.

Other related questions:
Time spent on LUN formatting
The formatting speed of a single disk can be 50 MB/S. A maximum of four RAID groups can be formatted. The LUNs in the same RAID group are formatted in serial mode.

Method used to format a LUN on the storage
1. The LUN must be formatted after the LUN is created on the storage device. 2. After the LUN is created on the storage device, it is automatically formatted on the storage device without manual intervention. 3. The used LUNs cannot be formatted manually.

Whether the LUN can be read and written (whether the LUN can be used during initialization)
During LUN formatting, the LUN can be mapped to the host for reads and writes.

Whether the IP address can be changed during LUN formatting
During LUN formatting, you can change the IP address of the management or service interface.

Impact of the inspection tool on the device performance
The inspection function uses the CLI and Shell scripts of devices to perform queries. The number of inspection items ranges from 20 to 40 depending on the device model. Therefore, the inspection function has little impact on service performance.

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