Introduction to OceanStor ReplicationDirector remote recovery


In OceanStor ReplicationDirector remote recovery, a remote recovery plan is executed to perform planned migration or fault recovery, based on the policy template for remote recovery protection.

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Introduction to fault recovery of OceanStor ReplicationDirector
If data or applications at a production site become unavailable due to disasters or faults, you need to recover data from a disaster recovery site. Fault recovery is performed only in the disaster recovery management system at the disaster recovery site. The latest backup data at the disaster recovery site is used to recover data.

Introduction to recovery plans of OceanStor ReplicationDirector
Recovery plans refer to the service objects to be recovered in the disaster recovery management system. Users can perform disaster recovery operations for recovery plans, such as testing, clearance, planned migration, reprotection, and fault recovery.

Introduction to local recovery supported by the OceanStor ReplicationDirector
Based on the snapshot protection policy template, a local recovery plan is executed to roll back data to specific backups.

Introduction to recovery plan tests executed by the OceanStor ReplicationDirector
You can test a recovery plan to verify the availability of the data replicated to the disaster recovery site. During a test, the disaster recovery site generates test data using snapshots, which does not have any impact on the production site. After the test is complete, the test environment must be cleaned up. Before a failover or planned migration, at least one recovery plan test must be executed successfully. The test can be performed only in the disaster recovery management system at the disaster recovery site.

Introduction to OceanStor ReplicationDirector in the local protection disaster recovery solution
The local protection disaster recovery solution uses snapshot technology to ensure local availability of host services. This solution can use VIS snapshots of protected objects to roll back data, preventing data loss and virus attacks. The OceanStor ReplicationDirector Server is installed on the DR management host deployed in the production center and the OceanStor ReplicationDirector Agent is installed on production application hosts to ensure DR data consistency. This solution supports the snapshot (array and VIS) technology.

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