Application scenarios of Dorado V3 series products


OceanStor Dorado5000 V3&Dorado6000 V3 is high-performance storage featuring all-flash array. With leading hardware specifications and multiple advanced data application technologies, OceanStor Dorado features efficient resource control, high performance, robust reliability, and high availability, meeting storage requirements of medium- and large-sized enterprises.

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Application scenarios of Dorado HyperMetro
With Huawei HyperMetro feature, both data centers are running and can process services simultaneously, improving data center performance and system resource utilization. A mutual backup relationship is set up between the storage arrays in the two data centers. If the storage array in one data center malfunctions, the storage array in the other data center automatically takes over services without data loss or service interruption. It can be applied to healthcare, finance, and social security scenarios that require 7x24 operation without service interruption and can realize zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and zero Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

Product specifications of OceanStor Dorado V3 Series
The OceanStor Dorado5000 V3&Dorado6000 V3P product specifications consist of the software and hardware specifications. The hardware consists of the controller enclosure and disk enclosure. The software includes the storage system software, maintenance terminal software, and application server software. For details, see: Product Specifications.

Appearance of Dorado series products
For the appearance of the OceanStor Dorado5000 V3&Dorado6000 V3 storage, see: Device Composition.

Dorado series features
For features of Dorado series products, see: Highlights.

Component replacement of the Dorado series products
For the component replacement of OceanStor Dorado5000 V3&Dorado6000 V3 series products, see: Parts Replacement.

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