Dorado product sales


Intelligent Q&A system does not process product sales and channel problems. For these problems, contact relevant personnel of the local office.

Other related questions:
Appearance of Dorado series products
For the appearance of the OceanStor Dorado5000 V3&Dorado6000 V3 storage, see: Device Composition.

Sales of OceanStor T Series products
The intelligent Q&A system does not answer questions about product sales and channels. Contact the related personnel in the local office.

Dorado product models
OceanStor Dorado5000 V3/Dorado6000 V3.

Component replacement of the Dorado series products
For the component replacement of OceanStor Dorado5000 V3&Dorado6000 V3 series products, see: Parts Replacement.

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