Dorado performance


For the performance of Dorado series products, see: Software Specifications. For the performance of other versions, search for the performance in the corresponding product documentation.

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Dorado HyperMetro network
A logical HyperMetro network topology shows the mapping relationship and data flows between host applications and storage arrays. For details, see: HyperMetro Solution Overview.

Dorado series features
For features of Dorado series products, see: Highlights.

Dorado product sales
Intelligent Q&A system does not process product sales and channel problems. For these problems, contact relevant personnel of the local office.

Whether Dorado supports SmartVirtualization
OceanStor Dorado V3 Series storage systems support the SmartVirtualization feature.

Introduction to the Dorado expansion module
Dorado expansion modules are described as follows: Each expansion module provides one PRI expansion port and one EXP expansion port. An expansion module is connected to controller or disk enclosures through expansion ports to support communication and data transmission between controller and disk enclosures.

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