Configuring the Email server for Dorado storage systems


For details about configuring the Email server for Dorado storage systems, see:
Email Notification Management.

Other related questions:
How to set the short message and email notification of fault information in the storage system?
1. Log in to the ISM, expand the storage device, and select Settings. In the function pane, choose Event Notification Settings. The Event Notification Settings dialog box is displayed. 2. Then select the Enable check boxes on the Email Notification and SMS Notification tab pages. Enter the settings as required.

Application server HBAs supported by the storage system
For different types of server ports, HBAs supported by the S2600 storage system include: FAQ-What types of application server HBAs are supported by the S2600

Configuring email servers for OceanStor T Series products
For details about how to configure an email server, see Setting Email Notification

Operating system types supported by V3 storage system
Storage systems support the following operating systems of application servers: Linux (including Aisanux) Windows Solaris HP-UX AIX XenServer Mac OS X VMware ESX

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