Dorado6000 V3 power module specifications


For V3 series Dorado6000 power voltage, rated current, and rated power, see: Hardware Specifications.

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Dorado6000 V3 management module specifications
Each Dorado6000 V3 enclosure contains two management modules and the management modules and controllers are integrated.

Dorado6000 V3 expansion module specifications
Dorado6000 V3 series controllers support 12 Gbit/s SAS expansion modules.

Dorado6000 V3 snapshot specifications
V3 series Dorado6000 snapshot specifications: Maximum number of snapshots: 8,192 Maximum number of source LUNs: 8192 Maximum number of snapshots supported by each source LUN: 1024 Maximum number of LUNs activated in a consistency group: 2048 For detailed specifications, see: Software Specifications.

Dorado6000 V3 cable specifications
For details about the device cables supported by the V3 series Dorado6000, see: Device Cables.

Dorado6000 V3 weight specifications
V3 series Dorado6000 weight specifications: Controller enclosure (without disks): 50 kg 2 U SAS disk enclosure (without disks): 13.3 kg 2 U SAS disk enclosure (with disks): 19.6 kg The specifications vary with product versions. For the latest specifications, see: Product Specifications.

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