How to check whether MPLS is enabled on an AR interface


Run the display mpls interface [ interface-type <interface-number> ] [ verbose ] command to check information about MPLS-enabled interfaces.
[Huawei] display mpls interface
Interface  Status  TE Attr  LSP Count  CRLSP Count Effective MTU
GE1/0/0    Up       Dis        2                   0                        1500
- Interface: indicates the type and number of the interface enabled with MPLS.
- Status: indicates the status of the interface, which is Up or Down.
- TE Attr: indicates whether the TE attribute is enabled. Dis indicates that the TE attribute is disabled, and En indicates that the TE attribute is enabled.
- LSP Count: indicates the number of established LSPs on the interface.
- CRLSP Count: indicates the number of established CR-LSPs on the interface.
- Effective MTU: indicates the MTU used for forwarding MPLS packets.

Other related questions:
On which interfaces can MPLS be enabled
MPLS can be enabled for the following interfaces: -GE interface -GE sub-interface -XGE interface (in V200R005C10 and later versions) -XGE sub-interface (in V200R005C10 and later versions) -Ethernet interface -Ethernet sub-interface -Eth-Trunk interface -Eth-Trunk sub-interface -Serial interface -POS interface In V200R001C01 and later versions, MPLS can be enabled on MP-Group interfaces. In V200R005C10 and later versions, MPLS can be enabled on IP-Trunk interfaces.

How to check the interfaces with port isolation enabled
You can run the display port-isolate group { group-id | all } command in any view to check member interfaces in a port isolation group. # Check member interfaces in all port isolation groups. display port-isolate group all The ports in isolate group 3: GigabitEthernet0/0/1 GigabitEthernet0/0/2 NOTE: Uplink and downlink interfaces on the device cannot be added to the same port isolation group. Otherwise, users may not access the network.

Whether a license is required for MPLS on the AR router
The AR router can use MPLS without a license.

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