Deployment modes of the eBackup server


eBackup servers can be deployed on virtual machines and physical machines. Deployment on physical machines can be achieved only when the production storage is InfiniBan (IB for short).

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Deployment of multiple eBackup servers
If multiple eBackup servers have been planned for a backup management system, install eBackup on all eBackup servers. After installation, initialize one eBackup server as the backup server and the other eBackup servers as backup proxies.

OceanStor ReplicationDirector deployment modes
The OceanStor ReplicationDirector (mainstream version: V100R003C10) supports centralized deployment and distributed deployment.
1. Centralized deployment: An OceanStor ReplicationDirector server is deployed on an independent server at the disaster recovery site to manage production and disaster recovery resources. The OceanStor ReplicationDirector server deployed at the disaster recovery site must be able to communicate with the production site.
2. Distributed deployment: Two OceanStor ReplicationDirector servers are deployed at the production site and disaster recovery site to manage site resources. The two ReplicationDirector servers must be able to communicate with each other.

Types of NTP servers supported by the eBackup
Currently, the eBackup supports only external NTP servers running Linux.

Server installation procedure
The server installation procedure is as follows: 1. Unpack and install the server, and power on the server. 2. Configure the RAID controller card. For details, see Link. 3. Set the boot device for the server. When installing the OS, set the DVD-ROM drive as the first boot device. After the OS is installed, set the hard drive as the first boot device. For details about how to set the boot device and NIC PXE, see the BIOS Parameter Reference. The Romley Platform BIOS Parameter Reference applies to V2 servers. Click Link to obtain it. The Brickland Platform BIOS Parameter Reference applies to 4- and 8-socket V3 servers. Click Link to obtain it. The Grantley platform BIOS Parameter Reference applies to 2-socket V3 servers. Click Link to obtain it. 4. Use the Huawei Server Compatibility Checker (Link) to check whether the OS is supported by the server and determine the OS installation method. 5. Install the OS. For details, see Link.

Whether the DNS server needs to be configured during eBackup installation
If the management data backup storage and the FusionStorage used by the eBackup need to be accessed through domain names, you need to configure DNS server.

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