Functions of eBackup plugin


The eBackup plugin is the adapter for backing up and restoring the Karbor. It transfers tasks such as backup and restoration to the backup process server.

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Functions of eBackup driver
An eBackup driver is a backup driver of the eBackup software based on the OpenStack Cinder Backup framework. Deployed on all OpenStack Cinder nodes, eBackup drivers work with OpenStack Cinder to back up and restore API and invoke eBackup RESTful API to back up and restore Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disks.

Firefox Displays an Adobe Flash Plugin Crash
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Whether the HA needs to be configured during eBackup software installation
You can configure high availability (HA) for backup servers to enhance the reliability of backup servers. To enable eBackup to support the HA function, plan at least two eBackup servers.

Flavor in the eBackup manual
Flavor specifies the VM specifications, including the VM memory size, disk size, and the number of CPU cores.

eBackup management data
eBackup management data refers to the eBackup system database and the configuration data.

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