Functions of eBackup driver


An eBackup driver is a backup driver of the eBackup software based on the OpenStack Cinder Backup framework. Deployed on all OpenStack Cinder nodes, eBackup drivers work with OpenStack Cinder to back up and restore API and invoke eBackup RESTful API to back up and restore Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disks.

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Installation position of the eBackup driver
The eBackup driver needs to be installed on all nodes of FusionSphere OpenStack containing the blockstorage-driver, blockstorage-driver-vrmxxx, or blockstorage-driver-kvmxxx (xxx can be 001, 002, or another value) role at the cascaded layer. The eBackup driver communicates with Cinder drivers and eBackup servers.

Functions of eBackup plugin
The eBackup plugin is the adapter for backing up and restoring the Karbor. It transfers tasks such as backup and restoration to the backup process server.

GPU sharing driver
GPU sharing requires a GPU driver. Its name is 320.78-quadro-tesla-grid-desktop-win8-win7-winvista-64bit-international-whql.exe.

Obtaining driver
To obtain the driver of a server, log in to http: //, and find the software version based on your server model.

Download address of the MZ316 driver
The MZ316 is an intelligent network interface card (iNIC) and has only Linux drivers. The driver package can be obtained under the E9000 Chassis menu. Example Link Log in and obtain the latest version. The preceding link is for reference only.

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