Installation position of the eBackup driver


The eBackup driver needs to be installed on all nodes of FusionSphere OpenStack containing the blockstorage-driver, blockstorage-driver-vrmxxx, or blockstorage-driver-kvmxxx (xxx can be 001, 002, or another value) role at the cascaded layer. The eBackup driver communicates with Cinder drivers and eBackup servers.

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Functions of eBackup driver
An eBackup driver is a backup driver of the eBackup software based on the OpenStack Cinder Backup framework. Deployed on all OpenStack Cinder nodes, eBackup drivers work with OpenStack Cinder to back up and restore API and invoke eBackup RESTful API to back up and restore Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disks.

Install the OceanStor BCManager eBackup software
The OceanStor BCManager eBackup software can be deployed on physical machines and virtual machines (VMs). In V200R001C10SPC300 and later versions, the eBackup public cloud scenario supports DMK deployment. For details, see the user guide of the corresponding version. The eBackup user guide can be obtained from the following paths: - OceanStor BCManager V200R001C00 eBackup User Guide. - OceanStor BCManager V200R001C10 CSBS User Guide (Private Cloud, for FusionCloud 6.0.0). - OceanStor BCManager V200R001C10 Cloud Host Backup User Guide (Private Cloud, for FusionCloud NFVI 6.10.1 & FusionCloud V100R002C00SPC500). - OceanStor BCManager V200R001C10 VBS User Guide (Private Cloud, for FusionCloud 6.0.0). - OceanStor BCManager V200R001C10 eBackup Installation and Commissioning Guide (Public Cloud).

Installing RAID card driver
ServiceCD contains all the driver programs for RAID cards. When you use ServiceCD to install the OS, the RAID card driver will be automatically installed during the OS installation. If you do not use ServiceCD, see "Installing an OS by Loading a RAID Controller Card Driver" in the Huawei Server OS Installation Guide.

Download address of rack server HBA drivers
Download address of Huawei's rack server HBA drivers: Qlogic HBA driver Emulex HBA driver

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