Types of NTP servers supported by the eBackup


Currently, the eBackup supports only external NTP servers running Linux.

Other related questions:
Disable the NTP service on the eBackup
The NTP service cannot be disabled after it is enabled.

Deployment modes of the eBackup server
eBackup servers can be deployed on virtual machines and physical machines. Deployment on physical machines can be achieved only when the production storage is InfiniBan (IB for short).

How S series switches select an NTP server
S series switches (except S1700 switches) select an NTP server as follows: Question: After an NTP server is configured for S1, S2 configures S1 and the NTP server as active/standby NTP servers and sets the priority of S1 to be higher than that of the NTP server. Which NTP server takes effect for S2? Answer: S1, as an NTP client, belongs to an NTP server. When both S1 and the NTP server are configured as the NTP servers for S2, the priority of S1 is lower than the priority of the NTP server regardless of the priority settings on S2. Therefore, the NTP server of S1 takes effect for S2. The NTP server priority settings only take effect for the NTP servers irrelevant to each other.

IAD can support NTP
Support for the SNTP client synchronization SNTP server time, configure the SNTP server in the basic configuration of the web interface > system time selected "SNTP" after the configuration server IP address for the SNTP server address

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