Check whether the AR routers support dual-uplink load balancing


As long as there is a double-WAN interface,it support dual-uplink load balancing:
1 Configure two equal-cost static routes.
2 By configuring the policy-based routes for different users through different carriers.

Other related questions:
Does the AR router support intelligent load balancing
The AR router does not support intelligent load balancing.

Does an AR support two uplink interfaces in load balancing mode
If an AR has two WAN interfaces configured, the two uplink interfaces work in load balancing mode. 1. Configure two equal-cost static routes. 2. Configure policy-based routing to change the forwarding path of packets.

Configuring hot standby in load balancing mode on the USG2000
Search for "Connecting to the Internet through multi-ISPs (hot standby)" in the USG2000/5000 product documentation.

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