Whether OceanStor 9000 network RAID groups have larger I/O latency than traditional local RAID groups


OceanStor 9000 network RAID groups have impact on latency and performance. The latency caused by network communications is smaller than disk I/O latency. To address this issue, a non-volatile dual in-line memory module (NVDIMM) is installed on OceanStor 9000, returning data to upper-layer applications when the data is written into the NVDIMM module. Therefore, the latency that occurs during upper-layer services is caused by the returning of data after written into the NVDIMM and will not be larger than that of traditional local RAID groups.
OceanStor 9000 uses a complex prefetch algorithm for data reading. When a service accesses data, basic sequential I/Os can be accessed in the memory. Also, OceanStor 9000 provides a global cache function, which guarantees the reading latency of sequential I/Os.

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