How Can I Handle NDMP Backup of a Node When I Delete the Node?


Before deleting the node, disable InfoEqualizer to allow the floating IP address of the node to be assigned to another node and then stop the NDMP service. There is no need to determine whether NDMP service is running or online. After the floating IP address floats to a node, the node takes over the backup or recovery services of the node to be deleted.

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After a Node Is Added, How Can I Know the CONFIGURE Information About NDMP Backup of the Node?
When a node is added, the CONFIGURE information of NDMP backup is synchronized from the primary node to the new node. Based on the CONFIGURE information, the system determines whether to enable NDMP backup. If yes, enable the NDMP service. If the NDMP service fails to be enabled, raise a related alarm.

Networking types supported by NDMP backup
NDMP backup supports two networking types: 2-way networking and 3-way networking. For details, see

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