Is There an Upper Limit on the Storage Space Occupied by Snapshots?


The OceanStor 9000 adopts a single file system. Snapshots can use all the storage space of the system. Snapshot space is not restricted. Users cannot set an upper limit.

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How to clear the recycle bin of an S series switch
For S series switches (except S1700 switches), run the following command to clear the recycle bin:
<HUAWEI> reset recycle-bin
Note: The delete XXX command in the user view only moves files to the recycle bin, but does not release the storage space. You can run the dir/all command to view information about all files, including deleted files in the recycle bin marked in brackets ([ ]). These files can be restored using the undelete command. To permanently delete these files from the recycle bin, run the reset recycle-bin command. The files that are deleted using the delete command without the /unreserved parameter are saved in the recycle bin.

Storage resources occupied by the system
There is a control system on each storage device that occupies part of its storage resources. This capacity varies among manufactures, from tens of GB to 100 GB.

Number of coffer disks in an OceanStor V3 storage system and capacity occupied by the coffer disks
The first four disks in the controller enclosure of the OceanStor 5300 V3/5500 V3 are planned as coffer disks. The first four disks in the first disk enclosure of the OceanStor 5600 V3/5800 V3/6800 V3 are planned as coffer disks. Coffer disks are used to store important data of a storage system. Each coffer disk occupies 5 GB of the capacity. Four coffer disks occupy 20 GB in total.

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