Is the Snapshot Function Oriented to Files or Directories? What Are the Restrictions on Using It?


The OceanStor 9000 provides a directory-level snapshot function.

The restrictions on using this function are as follows:
Snapshot nesting is not supported. If snapshots have been created for a directory, no snapshots can be created for the parent directory and subdirectories of the directory.
A snapshot root directory (a directory for which you want to create a snapshot) cannot be deleted.
Hard links cannot be created for files in snapshots.
Hard links are not protected by snapshots. Source files of hard links are protected by snapshots. The hard link in a snapshot root directory cannot be deleted, moved, or renamed.

Other related questions:
Whether other snapshots of a file system are lost after a user rolls back the file system to a snapshot
After the rollback, all snapshots created after the target snapshot will be deleted.

What are the restrictions on using HWTACACS
The HWTACACS template used by users, bound to domains, or referenced by accounting stop packets cannot be deleted. If the HWTACACS server is sending packets, the server IP address cannot be changed.

What is the function of the keytab file?
The keytab file is a key file for storing user information. Applications use the keytab file for API authentication.

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