Which Antivirus Software Is Supported by InfoScanner?


Only Rising virtualization system security software v1.0.0.89 is supported.

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How to Uninstall Antivirus Agent Software?
1.Choose Start > All programs. Find Huawei Antivirus Agent. 2.Choose Huawei Antivirus Agent > Uninstall. On the Huawei Antivirus Agent Uninstall page that is displayed, click Yes and then click OK. 3.The Antivirus Agent Software is uninstalled SUCCEEDly.

How can I install Trend antivirus software?
To install Trend antivirus software: Trend antivirus software is used only as a part of the solution but does not belong to Huawei. To install Trend antivirus software, refer to the Antivirus Software Deployment Guide. During installation, the most important step is to apply for the license. You are advised to apply for the license before installing Trend antivirus software. If the license is not obtained, do not perform any installation operations. To apply for the license, provide Huawei contract ID for Huawei product manager. Then, Huawei product manager logs in to http://support.huawei.com/enterprise, chooses Support > Get License > Order Management > Permission Application, and clicks the link to submit an application. (Trend license: The OfficeScan product activation code is a string of 31 letters and digits, which is applied for by Huawei engineers.)

What If the ISM installer is detected as a virus by antivirus software?
Antivirus software occasionally detects the ISM installer as a virus and then isolates it, resulting in the ISM installer unable to be started. However, the ISM installer is actually security-proven and exerts no impact on any other computerized applications. In this case, add the ISM installer to the trusted application list of antivirus software to resolve the problem.

Whether the USG6000 supports the antivirus function
The antivirus function can be used only after a license is purchased and activated. The whole USG6000 series devices support the antivirus function.

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