Does InfoScanner Have Impact on Service Performance?


InfoScanner affects read/write performance of the system. You are advised to configure scan policies for scan directories based on current service requirements.

Other related questions:
What impact does the queue length have
A longer queue buffers more packets but introduces a longer delay. If congestion intermittently occurs on a network, buffering more packets prevents unnecessary packet loss. If congestion constantly occurs on a network, increasing the queue length cannot solve this problem. You need to increase the bandwidth.

Impact of the inspection tool on the device performance
The inspection function uses the CLI and Shell scripts of devices to perform queries. The number of inspection items ranges from 20 to 40 depending on the device model. Therefore, the inspection function has little impact on service performance.

Impact of a coin battery failure in S5500T
The impact of a coin battery failure in S5500T is as follows: The system clock may be lost after the system is powered off, which affects time related functions and does not affect basic services.

In FusionInsight,How does Service Node Faulty impact on the system.
?The DataNode service is installed on service nodes by default. If less than three service nodes are lost, the service is not affected, but the service response time prolongs. You need to rectify the fault promptly. ?If more than three service nodes are lost, files stored in the Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS) may be lost and the service can be affected. You are advised to stop all service reading operations and rectify the fault immediately.

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