How Can I Extend the Retention Period of WORM Files?


Linux is used as an example to describe the procedure for extending the retention period.
Run command touch -a -t YYYYMMDDHHMM filename to modify the atime of WORM files.

For example: touch -a -t 207010161510 file.

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How Can I Handle a Protection Period Display Exception of a File Under WORM Protection on the NFS Client as a Common User?
A common user has no permission to modify, delete, rename, and move a file in the directory of user root on the NFS client no matter whether files in the directory are in the WORM protection state or not. Therefore, you are advised not to modify, delete, rename, and move a file in the directory of user root. User root can set the owner of the directory and files in the directory to a common user. In this way, the common user can view the protection period of a file.

How do I extend a conference on the DP300?
If a conference is not likely to be complete by the scheduled time, the chair site can extend the conference using the Extend Conference function. Before extending a conference, you must ensure that the videoconferencing resources and your account balance are sufficient. It is recommended that you extend a conference by 30 minutes each time. 1. Tap Extend Conference on the Conference Control screen. 2. Select the duration of extension and tap OK.

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