OceanStor 9000's client connection process


OceanStor 9000's client connection process varies based on whether an external DNS server is connected. For details, see the OceanStor 9000 InfoEqualizer Feature Guide:
-OceanStor 9000 V100R001C01 InfoEqualizer Feature Guide
-OceanStor 9000 V100R001C20 InfoEqualizer Feature Guide
-OceanStor 9000 V100R001C30 InfoEqualizer Feature Guide

Other related questions:
Checking clients connected to a node
Procedure for checking clients connected to a node: 1. Log in to DeviceManager. 2. Choose System > Device View. 3. Click the name of a node on the Node List tab page. 4. Click the Clients tab to view client information about the node.

Controlling the range of nodes connected to each client
The InfoEqualizer feature introduces the concepts of zone and subnet. A zone corresponds to a group of nodes and can have its own domain name and load balancing policy. Clients can send access requests to nodes in a specific zone using the domain name of the zone.

Detecting and evenly distributing client connection loads among nodes
The InfoEqualizer feature employs a load detection mechanism that can allocate access requests based on load balancing policies.

Method used to count the number of connected NFS clients on OceanStor 9000 DeviceManager
The number of connected NFS clients displayed on OceanStor 9000 DeviceManager is the number of currently active clients. These clients have read or write operations. If a client is mounted but it has no operations, this client is not counted. If an active client has not had any operations for six minutes, this client is considered inactive and will not be counted.

OceanStor 9000 V100R001C01 software installation process
OceanStor 9000 V100R001C01 software installation process: 1. Obtain the installation packages and configuration file. 2. Prepare tools and cables. 3. Check hardware configuration and record storage node SNs. 4. Check software configuration. 5. (Optional) Plan network segments. 6. Configure switches. 7. Install WushanFS. 8. (Optional) Install SystemReporter.

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