Introduction to subnet division of OceanStor 9000


In some scenarios, clients residing on a subnet need to be connected to nodes whose IP addresses reside on the same subnet. In this situation, you can define a subnet that contains one or multiple zones in OceanStor 9000, configure a DNS service IP address for this subnet, and reassign a static front-end service IP address for all nodes on this subnet and a dynamic IP address pool for this subnet.

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Adjusting OceanStor 9000's subnet division
Procedure for adjusting OceanStor 9000's subnet division: 1. Log in to DeviceManager. 2. Create a subnet. a. Choose Settings > Cluster Settings > InfoEqualizer > Subnet Management. b. Click Create. In the Create Subnet dialog box, enter the required information and click OK. c. In the Success dialog box that is displayed, click OK. In the subnet list, you can view the newly created subnets.

Introduction to physical division of domains on OceanStor 9000
Physical division of domains is an effective method to isolate faulty domains from normal ones. When a disk or node in a domain fails, physical division of domains ensures that reliability and security of data in other domains are not affected, and I/O performance of other domains is not compromised during data recovery.

Precautions for DCN subnet division
Take the following precautions during DCN subnet division: Ensure that the number of NEs in a DCN subnet is within the recommended range. Disable the DCC and GCC channels between DCN subnets. Before dividing a DCN into subnets, plan an external DCN for connecting to gateway NEs in each subnet. Ensure that DCN subnet division must not compromise the existing DCN route restoration (protection) capability. Group separated optical and electrical NEs at the same site in the same DCN subnet.

Division principles of OceanStor 9000's DiskPools
Solid state disks (SSDs) in the second to Nth (N indicates the number of configured SSDs) slots compose a DiskPool that stores small files for enabling SSD acceleration CONFIGURE. Hard disk drives (HDDs) compose another DiskPool.

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