Controlling the range of nodes connected to each client


The InfoEqualizer feature introduces the concepts of zone and subnet. A zone corresponds to a group of nodes and can have its own domain name and load balancing policy. Clients can send access requests to nodes in a specific zone using the domain name of the zone.

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Checking clients connected to a node
Procedure for checking clients connected to a node: 1. Log in to DeviceManager. 2. Choose System > Device View. 3. Click the name of a node on the Node List tab page. 4. Click the Clients tab to view client information about the node.

Retaining online services of clients connected to a faulty node
The InfoEqualizer feature introduces dynamic IP addresses, which each corresponds to a dynamic domain name. If domain names are not resolved, when clients access a node using the node's IP address and the node becomes faulty later, this IP address can automatically "float" to another node.

Detecting and evenly distributing client connection loads among nodes
The InfoEqualizer feature employs a load detection mechanism that can allocate access requests based on load balancing policies.

Definition of control nodes?
A control node controls and monitors how data nodes store and receive data, and send process status, and provides other public functions.

In what way do file engine nodes directly connect to controller enclosures?
When directly connecting file engine nodes to controller enclosures, you are advised to use a high-redundancy connection method to achieve optimal availability. ? Redundant ports (high redundancy) Each file engine node uses two optical fibers to connect to each controller (that is, connect to two Fibre Channel ports of the controller). ? Redundant controllers (medium redundancy) Each file engine node uses one optical fiber to connect to each controller (that is, connect to one Fibre Channel port of the controller). ? Redundant controller enclosures (low redundancy) Each clustered NAS node uses one optical fiber to connect to one controller (that is, connect to any Fibre Channel port of the controller).

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