Whether the SSD configured on each node of OceanStor 9000 is used for storing metadata


SSDs are configured on OceanStor 9000 to store small files.

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Storing redundant data on dedicated disks or nodes or providing redundancy between disks during data protection on OceanStor 9000
OceanStor 9000 does not store redundant data on any dedicated hot-spare disks or nodes for data protection. All storage nodes are provided for the same purpose. Raw data and redundant data are evenly stored on all nodes and disks of OceanStor 9000 which are available as recovery resources.

OceanStor 9000 metadata functions
Metadata is a type of data that defines data, describes data properties, and supports functions of indicating storage locations and historical data, querying resources, and recording files. In a file system, the relationship between metadata and file data is similar to that between a control plane and a data plane.

Computing data distribution for OceanStor 9000
Data distribution for OceanStor 9000 is computed by CA using the HASH algorithm based on the FID of a file and the offset and length of the current operation.

Distributing data slices evenly on each node of OceanStor 9000
Distributing data slices evenly on each node of OceanStor 9000: Data slices of OceanStor 9000 are achieved using Erasure Code. For details, see: - Information about data protection in OceanStor 9000 V100R001C01 Administrator Guide 11 - OceanStor 9000 V100R001 Erasure Code Multimedia 03

Are SSDs necessary for MQ nodes?
The Message Queue (MQ) service provides message queuing capabilities. In order to deliver high throughput, Solid State Drives (SSDs) must be installed on MQ nodes.

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