Configure next-hop backup through policy-based routing on an AR router


If multiple carriers are available on a network, configure next-hop backup to keep network connectivity for intranet users and improve network robustness.
Run the redirect backup-nexthop ip-address command in the traffic behavior.
For details about the configuration of specific policy-based routing, see the URL: Example for Configuring Interface PBR.
Configuring Interface PBR.

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Does policy-based routing of an AR router need a license
Policy-based routing (PBR) selects a route based on user-defined policies. PBR falls into local policy routing, interface policy routing, and smart policy routing (SPR). - Neither local policy routing nor interface policy routing needs a license. - Smart policy routing (SPR) needs a license.

Does an AR router support policy-based routing
All models of AR routers support policy-based routing.

Does an AR router support redirection to a next hop
The ARs support redirection to a next hop.

Priorities of policy-based routing and default routing for an AR router
Policy-based routing has a higher priority than default routing. If policy-based routing and default routing coexist, only policy-based routing takes effect. After policy-based routing loses effect, default routing takes effect.

Intranet access fails after redirection to a next hop is configured on an AR router
Intranet access does not need redirection. Supposed that the intranet is composed of two network segments 1.0 and 2.0, and traffic transmitted over 1.0 is redirected to A Telecom Carrier and traffic transmitted over 2.0 is redirected to B Telecom Carrier, mutual access between 1.0 and 2.0 fails. How to solve this problem? # acl number 3000 rule 5 permit ip source destination acl number 3001 rule 5 permit ip source acl number 3002 rule 5 permit ip source # traffic classifier no-redircet operator or if-match acl 3000 traffic classifier redirect-dx operator or if-match acl 3001 traffic classifier redirect-lt operator or if-match acl 3002 # traffic behavior no-redirect traffic behavior redirect-dx redirect ip-nexthop traffic behavior redirect-lt redirect ip-nexthop # traffic policy celvluyou classifier no-redircet behavior no-redirect classifier redirect-dx behavior redirect-dx classifier redirect-lt behavior redirect-lt # interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1 traffic-policy celvluyou inbound #

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