IS-IS on the AR


The Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) is an Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) and used in an autonomous system (AS). IS-IS is a link state protocol. It uses the Shortest Path First (SPF) algorithm to calculate routes.
For details on how to configure IS-IS, see
Example for Configuring Basic IS-IS Functions.

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Does an AR support UPnP
An AR does not support the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) function.

SNMP configuration method on an AR router
An AR router supports communication with the NMS over SNMP. SNMP falls into three versions: V1, V2C, and V3. Both V1 and V2C implement access control based on a community name and the MIB view, which poses a security risk. V3 implements access control based on users, user groups, and the MIB view. Security is improved. Therefore, you are advised to use V3. For details, choose Configuration > CLI-based Configuration �?> CLI-based Configuration > SNMP Configuration through the URL: Product Documentation.

IPSG on an AR
IP Source Guard (IPSG) defends against spoofing attacks based on source IP addresses. Some attacks on networks aim at source IP addresses by accessing and using network resources through spoofing IP addresses, stealing users' information or blocking authorized users from accessing networks. IPSG provides a mechanism to effectively defend against IP address spoofing attacks. IPSG uses binding tables (static or DHCP dynamic binding tables) to filter IP packets. Before the router forwards an IP packet, it compares the source IP address, source MAC address, interface, and VLAN information in the IP packet with entries in the binding table. If a matching entry is found, the router considers the IP packet as a valid packet and forwards it. Otherwise, the router considers the IP packet as an attack packet and discards it.

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