How Can I Configure the System Time of the Active OMS?


If no external clock source is configured for the UDS system, the system nodes synchronize their system times with the active operation and maintenance service (OMS). In this case, the active OMS system time must be correct because incorrect UDS system time may cause system reliability to deteriorate.
Before configuring the active OMS system time, ensure that the following are ready:
A cross-platform remote access tool, such as PuTTY.
The account password used for logging in to the active OMS. The default password for the opadmin and root accounts is Uds6200!
1.Use PuTTY to log in to the active OMS.
Log in as user opadmin using the floating management IP address. Then, run the su - root command to switch to the root account.

2.Run the following command to prevent PuTTY from timing out.

3.Configure the system time of the active OMS.
date -s "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS"

YYYY-MM-DD indicates the current date and HH:MM:SS indicates the current time.

4.Synchronize the new system time with the hardware clock.
hwclock -w

Other related questions:
How can I activate the SMC2.0 operating system?
The operating system where the SMC2.0 is installed must be activated. The operating system of the SMC2.0 server must be activated upon initial login. The operating system must be activated in a timely manner. Microsoft does not provide post-sales services for operating systems that are not activated. 1. Choose Start > Computer, right-click, and choose Properties. 2. Click Change product key and enter the sequence number pasted on the CD-ROM of the operating system as promoted. 3. After the installation ID is generated, dial the post-sales service hotline of Microsoft to obtain the confirmation ID. 4. Enter the confirmation ID to activate the operating system. If the public network cannot be connected or other activation problems occur, dial the Microsoft post-sales service hotlines 8008203800 (by fixed line) and 4008203800 in China or dial the local Microsoft post-sales service hotlines in other regions. Keep the operating system sequence number in safe.

How do I modify the system time of the MCU?
To modify the system time of a ViewPoint 8000 series MCU, perform the following operations: 1. Log in to the MCU web interface. 2. Choose Settings > System > Time. 3. Click the button for obtaining the operating system time to synchronize the system time of the MCU with that of the computer used for login. The GMT time refers to the time in GMT+0 time zone. To modify the system time of a VP9000 series MCU, perform the following operations: 1. Log in to the MCU web interface. 2. Choose Settings > System > Time. 3. Modify the MCU time parameter.

How can I configure the system on the TE Mobile?
On the main page of the TE Mobile, tap Settings. On the configuration page that is displayed, select System Settings.

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